Terms & Conditions

JAZLEATHER.com welcomes every customer who lands on the website. However, to build a long business relationship, we want our kind customers to read our terms and conditions and give their agreement if they wish to place an order with us. Our products are only listed for customer use. Therefore, it is strongly prohibited to use any item for commercial or resell purposes.

Ownership of Property Rights

This document is available here to inform all users about property rights ownership. Jaz leather has official property rights to the website and product design, logo, labels, web content, graphics, data, and every information mentioned on the website. The copyright is protected under the United States’ jurisdiction. Therefore, reusing anything from our website as own property will be considered a cybercrime and will be dealt with according to the legal procedures. Therefore, please refrain from doing such an act.

Order Acceptance & Payment

While placing an order, you will be responded with confirmation that your order has been accepted. In case of any error, while placing an order, you will be informed via email. It sometimes occurs that customer requirements cannot be fulfilled, or in some cases, payments do not receive successfully. Therefore, the order will be confirmed once our support team confirms, i.e., after receiving the payment.


Although, the prices mentioned on our website are authentic and based on the item displayed. However, prices may vary if the customer gives customised requirements like custom jacket size. In other cases, the company also possesses the full right to change product prices if needed without any intimation to the customer. The customer will pay the difference in amount.

Payment Methods & Currency

Jazleather.com provides customers to pay via PayPal as well as a credit card. However, if the customer prefers any other payment method, then the customer must contact our support department for assistance regarding payment.

We are based in the US. Therefore, our base currency is USD, and our website will show all product prices in USD. If the customer is willing to place an order out of the US, then they can also use our website, and the company will charge the amount according to the current rate of the currency conversion.

Order Placement at JAZ Leather?

Jazleather.com has a very easy process for kind customers like you. You can follow the simple steps below to place an order:

  • Select your interested product
  • Add it to the cart
  • Provide all the required information
  • Confirm the order by making a payment
  • Receive your JAZ Leather jacket at your doorstep
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