Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payment method? How can I buy a Jacket from your website?
We have two payment options for you. You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card. You can buy your favorite jacket easily with three easy steps.

  1. Select your favorite Jacket
  2. Pay with your PayPal or Credit Card
  3. Receive it and Wear!

Which size would fit me? I just want to look perfect when I wear it.
If you are unsure about your size, just check our size chart. You would understand what size will fit you perfectly.

However, we are always available for you round the clock, just leave your message at info@jazleather.com, and we will contact you back with the best possible assistance.

What is your refund policy? Can I return it if I find any issues?
We have customer centric refund policy. We make sure that every customer gets satisfied with our product. But if in any case, you find any issue with our product then you can simply return within 30 days. However, this refund policy does not imply on change of mind or customized products.
I have gone through the size chart but did not find any size which fits me perfectly. Can I ask for a custom size?
Yes, we understand that sometimes showcase sizes do not apply to some people, therefore, we provide a custom fit for those customers. If you don’t find your size, then simply email us your requirements, one of the support agents will get back to you as soon as possible and help you in placing a custom order.
What is a delivery time?
Usually, we deliver jacket orders within 5-10 days but sometimes it takes around 20 days. Moreover, in case of any further delay, your support agent will update you.
Is there free delivery to all countries?
Yes, we offer free shipping on first-time orders for all countries. However, for future orders free shipping applies to orders that cost more than $300.
If my order has not been delivered within the given timeframe then what should I do?
Although this will not happen in case you do not get your order within the given timeframe then you can contact us at info@jazleather.com, we will update you with the reason for the delay.
What if I get a faulty item or the item that I did not order?
Once you receive your order, open it and check properly. If you find any fault in our delivered item, contact our customer support as soon as possible. Our support team will rectify your problem and replace the faulty item with a new one.
I paid for the jacket but the payment gone declined, what should I do now?
The payment gets declined due to several reasons. The reasons might be:

The incorrect billing address and phone number

The billing address and phone number must be filled in according to your account information. If you will fill in another billing address or phone number which is not associated with your account then your payment will decline every time. So, please make sure to fill correct billing address and phone number.

Exceeding Daily Threshold Limit

If you are paying through your credit card, then you must check your daily threshold limit, if it is exceeded then try again the next day or use any other card to place your order on the same day.

PayPal account of funds?

If your PayPal has a low balance than the amount of the order, you must recharge your PayPal account and make funds available to purchase your favorite Jacket.

Will I be needed to pay parcel customs or import charges?
Usually, it is being paid once it is reached whose charges are already taken by the courier company. However, in some cases, custom or import charges policy changes, and in those cases, the difference in amount is being paid by the customer.
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